Haralabos Voulgaris: Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Weight, Career & Net Worth

Haralabos Voulgaris is a prominent figure in the world of professional sports betting, known for his impressive success in the industry.

With his extensive knowledge of basketball statistics and analytics, Voulgaris has been able to achieve remarkable results in his betting ventures.

In addition to his success as a sports bettor, Voulgaris is also a former professional poker player and a consultant for several NBA teams.

This article will provide an in-depth look into the life and career of Haralabos Voulgaris, including his early years, rise to success, and his current net worth.

Early Life and Background:

Born on July 4, 1975, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Haralabos Voulgaris is of Greek descent.

His father, Andreas Voulgaris, was a successful businessman and also an avid gambler, which influenced Haralabos’s interest in gambling from an early age.

He attended the University of Manitoba, where he studied philosophy, but eventually dropped out to pursue a career in gambling.


Sports Betting:

Haralabos Voulgaris started his gambling career with sports betting, primarily focusing on the NBA.

He gained fame in the early 2000s for his expertise in predicting NBA games, with a particular emphasis on the betting lines and over/under totals.

His ability to analyze and exploit weaknesses in the lines set by bookmakers earned him the nickname “Bob the World’s Biggest NBA Bettor.” His success in sports betting allowed him to amass a considerable fortune.


In addition to sports betting, Voulgaris is also known for his skills in poker.

He has participated in several prestigious poker events, including the World Series of Poker (WSOP) and World Poker Tour (WPT).

Some of his notable accomplishments in poker include a 10th place finish at the 2005 WSOP $5,000 No-Limit Hold’em event and a 3rd place finish at the 2007 WPT $25,000 Championship event.

His total live poker tournament earnings are estimated to be over $3 million.

NBA Analytics and Front Office:

In 2018, Haralabos Voulgaris transitioned from gambling to working directly with an NBA team.

He was hired by the Dallas Mavericks as their Director of Quantitative Research and Development. In this role, he utilized his analytical skills and understanding of the game to assist the team’s front office in making data-driven decisions.

His position with the Mavericks marked a new chapter in his career, demonstrating the value of his unique skill set in the world of professional sports.

Height & Weight

Voulgaris stands at 1.82 m tall and weighs 88 kg. He has been making a living by betting sports and playing poker for the past several years.

Net Worth:

Haralabos Voulgaris’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million, a fortune amassed primarily through his success in sports betting and poker.

Voulgaris started betting on NBA games in 1994 and since then he has made a fortune from it.

He came in fourth place in the 2017 WSOP $111,111 Big One for One Drop High Roller event for $1.159 million.

His yearly salary is projected to be close to or greater than $2 million as of 2022.

His role with the Dallas Mavericks has also contributed to his wealth, though the specifics of his salary have not been disclosed.

Regardless, it is clear that Voulgaris has built a successful and lucrative career in the gambling and sports industries.

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